An Unexpected Respite

Well friends, I am actually writing this from the couch at home. In light of the multiple dark days in this trial, we got the day off today so I flew home last night. It’s a very fleeting visit and I’ll be flying back tomorrow morning. Such a short trip isn’t exactly restful but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for 36 hours with Husband and the puppy. We are all enjoying being briefly reunited.

Things have not been too terrible so far. I have only worked around 13 hours most days and we have a fairly short commute from the hotel to the trial site. This is leaving almost enough hours in the day for sleep and a short workout once you add in time spent on showering, getting dressed, etc. If I were the kind of person who truly only needs 7 hours of sleep all would be fine, but I’m a solid 8-8.5 hours a night person (longer if I have done a hard workout), and in order to get to squeeze in a short workout and get to work at the super-late-for-trial-time of 8:00 a.m., I’m having to short myself an hour of sleep. It’s fine for a few days but I’m feeling wrecked today despite sleeping in this morning. Part of this no doubt is also the phenomenon where you can go on and on in high pressure situations but as soon as you take a break and get some rest you’re too exhausted to move. Today is also my first day not working in around a month so I have good reason to be tired. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better when I head back tomorrow morning. The good news is that I should be done with my role at the trial at the end of next week. I can definitely hang on until then. None of this has been even close to the terribleness of past trials and their weeks of 18 hour work days.

The trial situation hasn’t been the greatest for my heel but things are still on an upward trajectory. I still cannot walk a great deal and not without limping. Navigating the hotel and an office building ends up being a lot of ground to cover by the end of the day so
I’m still using one crutch if I’m going a longer distance to take some of the load off. Added to that is that I’m spending far more time with my foot down so my heel ends up a little swollen by the end of each day. I’m doing my PT exercises religiously though and every day I’m a little bit stronger. I doubt that I would be any better if I were at home. I think this “able to walk but nowhere near 100 percent stage” will last for a while. There is nothing like perusing the blogs of other people who have had this surgery to remind me how good my progress is. I’m still weeks and weeks ahead of where many people are at 11-12 weeks post op.

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