Week 8: Literal and Figurative Steps

After feeling like I was in a plateau just a few days ago, the last couple of days have included enormous progress.

First, on Monday I had a follow up appointment. The doctor seemed very pleased with my progress which he rather generously attributed to my compliance as a patient. I don’t have to go back for another six weeks. He told me I could wean myself off of the boot and crutches over the next few weeks. I near floated out the door with happiness. As soon as I got home, I went hunting amongst my neglected right shoe collection to find the mate to my left Nike Pegasus (ideal for now due to the fairly high heel to toe drop). I crutched around the rest of the afternoon in shoes, occasionally switching to just one crutch.

Shortly before 6:00 p.m., I drove myself (yes, my Uber days are over) to physical therapy. I went through my foot exercises then the therapist had me stand between two supports and take steps over cones. Then I took my hands away and suddenly I was walking. It involved very slow short steps because my ankle is really lacking in mobility but it was unequivocal unsupported walking on my own. I then walked across the room several times for good measure. It was as if I had come to a tent revival and the preacher had thrown away my crutches. Although walking again has never been in question, I still felt something akin to relief and joy, as if only right then could I acknowledge to myself how much I have missed it.

Today, I’m feeling a few very mild effects from my efforts. Nowhere along my Achilles hurts, but the sole of my foot gets a little sore from full weight bearing. My lower hamstrings seem a bit tight. It is going to take time for things to feel normal again but I am pretty thrilled about where I am at right now. I had to go to the office and then to a hearing today. I wore the boot and took my crutches as it was a lot of distance to cover and I’m much faster on crutches. The judge seemed sympathetic and asked me if I was comfortable. While my physical plight may have moved him, my arguments on my client’s behalf apparently did not.

It was a good day but an exhausting one which also involved hours and hours of trial work yet absolutely nothing that resulted in advancing the tangible work product I have produce. On top of that, I have been struggling with the switch to daylight saving time. I have had difficulty falling asleep and then have overslept several mornings. I really wish we could just pick one system and stick to it year round like Arizona and Hawaii do. Fun fact for the non Floridians: last year the Florida legislature voted to switch to year round daylight saving time. For reasons I cannot quite fathom and don’t care enough to research, it cannot become law without an act of Congress as states only have the right to opt for year round standard time but not daylight saving time.

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