Week 6: Physical Therapy at Last

Quick update today because I am getting truly snowed under at work.

At long last, I have started physical therapy. After some issues with getting an appointment scheduled, I was not feeling very optimistic about this particular practice. However, I met with the therapist I will be working with for nearly 90 minutes this evening and I feel much better about things. He definitely seems to know what he is doing. He has worked with other patients that my doctor has operated on but also did not try to overstate his experience with my surgery. The practice utilizes all the fun supplementary modalities, like e-stim and laser which feel good and are a nice way to pass the appointment between Theraband exercises and and weighted towel scrunches. I got a list of exercises to do at home and I go back on Thursday. One thing that was very encouraging was that I was very easily able to do all the exercises. So much so that I even had the resistance band switched to a heavier one and a heavier weight for my towel scrunches. So, I’m feeling good about my recovery and the trajectory continues to be upward. If only my current work responsibilities were so easily mastered!

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