Week 6 is Busy

Well, the last few days have been rather exhausting. I had a short but tightly packed trip to South Florida then today spent the entire day going to and from Gainesville. It was all worthwhile from a work perspective but I’m definitely feeling a bit worn out right now. I’m ready for a quiet day at home but tomorrow is shaping up to be rather busy too. First the pool, then I have lunch planned with a friend, and then a meeting with an expert in the last afternoon that will require preparation and focus. Being a little stressed and tired the last few days has made me realize how lucky I have been to have had such a tranquil time lately. Being able to work from home such a significant amount has really made things easier on me too. I feel sure the lack of stress and general busyness has helped my tendon heal.

On the healing front things are pretty good. I have regained significant strength in my calf already from just a week of modest amounts of partial weight bearing. Today was my first day going out in public with only my crutches and it was a big one. One of my colleagues and I had to visit a client who in jail. My colleague picked me up from home in his new Tesla. I am not a car person at all but that is one seriously cool vehicle. The whole roof is glass so the sky is always above you. The rest of the car is full of (battery powered) bells and whistles There is a control panel in the center of the dashboard that does almost everything and includes an autopilot setting. The Tesla is not entirely self driving in this mode but it can see all the cars around you and adjust speed automatically to maintain a safe distance while you are on the highway. Suffice it to say that it was by far the nicest car in the jail parking lot. I decided to take my crutches as I just didn’t know how things would go down at the jail where the knee scooter would not have fit through the scanner and I had to go through the metal detector. Anyway, everything went fine just very slowly. Between that and stopping for lunch I covered a significant amount of ground. I had no soreness in my heel by the end of the day, although I was fairly tired from the whole experience.

While I’m still making only small steps towards walking unaided, I’m able to bike a significant amount. Today I rode for just over 50 minutes, only stopping because I had to get ready for work. It’s a little odd to be able to pedal hard and break a sweat but then have to cautiously transfer myself from bike to office chair and crutch out of the room but I’m certainly not complaining. It’s also one of the few things I can do these days without having to Uber. On that subject, I have a post on Uber and the drivers I have met coming soon. For now though, I need an early night.

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