40 Days

I was shocked to discover only a few years ago that Lent in fact does not consist of 40 days. Worse, I came by this knowledge by trying to correct someone who knew better than I did. Clearly 46 days doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. In any case, Day 40 has been a fairly mundane albeit pleasant one. I did a little more crutching around with my foot down. I also had an enjoyable pool trip this morning which I split between swimming and aqua jogging.

Aqua jogging doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It doesn’t help having “jogging” in its name. (Whoever came up with that word in the first place anyway?) Some do refer to it as “pool running,” perhaps to afford it a little more gravitas, but the name hasn’t really caught on. Aqua jogging also has a reputation as being incredibly boring but I personally have always enjoyed it. It can be a very relaxing and low stress way to get some movement or it can be an extremely hard workout where you can go super hard with virtually no risk of injury. The closest I have ever come to throwing up from a workout was actually aqua jogging. True story. Anyway, it felt great to aqua jog at a moderate effort for about half an hour up and down the 50m pool listening to some tunes on my waterproof iPod. I then swam for about 15 minutes and Ubered back home. Interestingly, my Uber driver had just done a degree in viticulture and was intending to go and do some kind of internship in New Zealand next year.

Since tomorrow is a travel day, I skipped going to the office today and worked from home. Two trips out just burn up a lot of time and effort and I need to keep things as stress free as possible right now. I’ve been working with the porch doors open every day. Both the cat and I are enjoying the inside-outside experience before it gets too hot and humid. I finally saw a cardinal on the bird feeder today. I’ve been worried by the lack of birds lately. Even the squirrels don’t seem as ubiquitous anymore. There used to be veritable wars going on between squirrels and blue jays over the seeds in the feeder, but it’s still half full from when Husband refilled it weeks ago. I can’t tell whether it’s just the time of year, the fact I’m constantly staring out the window, or a sign of ecological collapse.

Anyway, an early start for me tomorrow so an early night for me now. Fingers crossed for a smooth travel experience.

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