Day 39: Milestones Past

I made it out to spectate at the Gasparilla Half Marathon this morning and came back unscathed both physically and emotionally. Once again, I wished the the knee scooter was the correct size for me and was the all terrain version with more rugged wheels to absorb the bumps but I made it in one piece. Watching everyone running did make me a little sad about how long I haven’t been able to run and how long it will be until I can run. It was only a mild feeling of sadness though. In prior injury episodes, I’ve had to avoid walking down streets on my usual run routes for months because it would make me so upset. Multiple times, the sight of people out running made me start crying uncontrollably. So all things considered, I handled this morning rather well and it was fun seeing a number of friends out there.

Now time for a confession. Tomorrow was supposed to be the day I start partial weight bearing. Kind of a big milestone. However, in a blatant act of non compliance, I actually started several days ago. When I was at my last appointment, within the first minute of greeting the doctor, I asked when I could start partial weight bearing. The doctor said, “You’re just coming up on four weeks from surgery, so starting the beginning of next week.” I immediately pointed out that actually I was just coming up on five weeks. He recovered quickly with, “Right, so between four and six weeks. So on Monday.” But the damage was done. I held off for a day or two but could not escape the knowledge that he would have let me start a week earlier. Compounding matters, Husband and his voice of reason was not around. So on Wednesday, I grabbed my barely used crutches and took a few steps with my foot down. It seemed fine, so I crutched across the room twice more that day. Thursday, I did a little more, Friday more again. Now, I’m doing laps of my very small house several times a day. I feel something in my heel but it’s not pain, or even discomfort, more like tightness but it doesn’t linger. So anyway that milestone has already passed. It’s actually a bit underwhelming. Crutches are much slower and less convenient than the iWalk, even when putting my foot down, so I’m still using the iWalk if I want to actually do something. At some point though I will have to make the switch and just deal with the inconvenience.

There’s a few things in the week ahead. Tomorrow I’m officially allowed to start aqua jogging, so something else to do at the pool . On Tuesday, I have to fly down to South Florida again. I’m not thrilled about dealing with the whole airport security rigmarole again but at least I will be meeting a colleague down there who will drive us to our meeting AND drive to the airport in the next morning. I’m going to take the knee scooter. It’s faster to get around and I think it’s just too soon to just go with crutches. Tuesday will only be my official second day of partial weight bearing after all….

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