Multisport Saturday

Things really have changed for the better this last week in terms of Stuff I Can Do. Being able to ride my bike has seriously improved my quality of life. I increased my ride time by ten minutes again this morning and upped the intensity a little. It feels so good to be engaging my lower body at last. I then went to the pool for a second bout of activity. It’s hard for me, almost impossible really, to replicate the training effect of a group swim workout when I’m swimming alone. I also still can’t really kick much yet or push off with both feet so all my swims are in the category of easy to moderate effort and I just don’t feel like I’m doing that much from a fitness perspective. I’m not particularly worried about this for now. Mostly I’m just grateful to be in the water doing anything at all at this stage. I’m choosing to use this time instead to focus more on technique and maintaining feel for the water. Lung busting thrash sessions will be there in the coming weeks and months.

Any time at the pool is a good time.

Husband and I are having a very rare weekend apart as he needs to stay in Jacksonville this weekend and it’s too difficult for me right now to travel up there as there are no direct flights anymore. I’m glad he is getting a break from driving but of course I’m missing him. Since he was not here to take me to the grocery store and I was out of veges, I tried out the Publix delivery service. As I noted previously in this blog, I’m a big fan of going to Publix. After already going to the pool though, I didn’t feel like going through all the procedure of getting there and back via Uber, so I tried the delivery service. It was ridiculously easy and efficient. I ordered online, specified the delivery time frame, then got a text update when my order was on its way. The veges were in excellent condition and the rotisserie chicken steaming hot. The prices are higher than in store but not so much that I would have noticed if they had not said so on the website. I doubt I will use this service regularly as I actually enjoy going to Publix but it was super convenient today. Add it to the list of things that has made life easier these last few weeks.

In addition to my own multisport activities today, I filled up the day watching Super League Triathlon. I’m a little obsessed with this style of triathlon racing since I discovered it last year. Essentially super sprint races with a twist, it involves back to back rounds with eliminations or races where the order of disciplines changes each round. The distances are very short, the bike courses super technical and tough, and the race locations scenic and interesting. It’s fast and furious and everything is over in an hour or less. It makes for exciting viewing if you follow professional triathlon and for at least slightly entertaining viewing if you are not interested in triathlon at all but are forced to watch. I can vouch for the latter as I even drew my mother (Hi Mum!) into a few minutes of viewing when she visited last year. Super League is basically the antithesis of Ironman which lasts all day (and some of the night if you’re not at the front end of the field) and involves hours and hours of doing the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, I follow pro Ironman and other long distance racing and I am most intrigued by and supportive of my friends’ Ironman quests. But it just doesn’t make for very exciting viewing when you can run errands for a couple of hours in the middle of the world championships and not miss anything.

I’m going to be doing some sports spectating of a different kind tomorrow morning. This weekend is the Gasparilla Running festival. There are races on both Saturday and Sunday on Bayshore. It is far and away the largest and most established running event in the Tampa Bay area. People who never run a step the rest of the year will sign up for the 5K because that’s just what people do here in mid February. I’ve run the 15K and half marathon multiple times, although usually just for fun and not for any performance goals. When I’m not running on the Sunday, I usually go to the 9 mile mark of the half marathon and watch the thousands go by and spot friends. Fortuitously, the 9 mile mark is less than a mile from home. This year, rather than walk up, I’m going to head up on my knee scooter. It might make me feel how much I am missing running but I think it is a better option than staying home. And anyway, there’s another day of Super League Triathlon tomorrow to make me forget all about it.

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