Day 36: Swim, Bike, and Get Annoyed

I’ve had a couple of quiet days working from home. I have a monster amount of materials to read for the case which has the trial in April and I’m actually managing to be fairly productive.

Things are looking up on the return to sports activity front. Yesterday at the pool I experimented with switching out the pull buoy for one fin on my good leg. I then swam a couple of laps kicking with the fin and just letting my right leg ever so gently kick to balance. I can tell I’m not too far off being able to handle regular swimming without the pull buoy. I’m now flip turning at the wall but only pushing off on my good leg (obviously). I haven’t yet mastered doing it without losing some momentum but it’s an improvement.

Today I rode my bike on the trainer for 20 minutes. Much like my first post surgery swim, my first bike “workout” a couple of days ago felt awkward and not quite as good as I expected. Like the second swim though, the second bike workout was awesome, even if it was only a paltry 20 minutes long. I was much more confident in pushing down on the pedal with my right leg. My heart rate went up. I started to sweat. And then suddenly it was over. I’m bumping things up to 30 minutes next time. If I can increase by five or ten more minutes every two days, I’ll be back up to a what I was doing pre-surgery in no time, at least as far as time goes. I’m a good way off doing any hard efforts.

I finally managed to set up an appointment for physical therapy today, something I’ve been trying to do since Monday. It’s been a somewhat frustrating experience The doctor wants me to go somewhere that has an Alter G. There is a place very nearby in South Tampa that has one and focuses on sports physical therapy, and also several places across the bay in St Pete and Clearwater. Obviously I would prefer the place close to home as I still can’t drive for several weeks. I filled in the online form for an appointment on Monday. When I didn’t hear from anyone by Tuesday afternoon, I called to follow up. I gave my information again over the phone and was told that someone would call me to set it up an appointment. Nobody called Wednesday, so I called again this morning and asked when I could expect to hear from someone. I was told that “the physical therapist” hadn’t had a chance to review my “file” yet. I explained that there couldn’t be any file to review since they didn’t know anything about me. Finally this afternoon, someone called me and I set up several appointments in the coming weeks. I’m not sure why we could not have done this earlier in the week. The first appointment is not until March 4, which is a week later than I was hoping to be starting as my doctor told me to start next week. The woman on the phone explained that typically they are booked around two weeks out. I restrained myself (although only just) from saying that was exactly why I called days ago. These people may turn out to be fantastic physical therapists and may just not be super well organized at the administrative side of things but it comes off as a lack of professionalism. I’ll reserve judgment until my first appointment but suffice it to say that we haven’t got off to the best start.

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