Day 34: Still All Good

This morning’s good news was that I woke up with no ill effects from my short spin on the bike yesterday. Tomorrow I will ride again for a bit longer. Today’s workout once again was core and upper body weights.

I had a lunch with at one of my favorite lunch spots with a new friend (hi, Rhonda!) who I connected with through this blog. She was seeing my regular sports podiatrist for her Haglund’s/Achilles issue and now is scheduled to have surgery with the same doctor who did mine.

The work horizon continues to look busy. I may have to do another trip to South Florida in the next week or so. I’m happy for the hours and an interesting case but I am not too thrilled at the idea of reenacting the airport security experience. Next week, I will have started partial weight bearing with crutches so that will create a whole new set of challenges. Anyway, nothing is scheduled yet so I’ll wait until it is to start worrying.

Tomorrow will be five weeks from surgery. I plan to ride my bike AND swim. I love double workout days.

One thought on “Day 34: Still All Good

  1. Totally enjoyed our lunch outing! Gets me away from my co-workers (Cooper and Callie!!

    We will definitely do it again with a change of venue(I love Maddogs and Englishmen)


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