Day 30: Quiet Friday

Somehow with all my focus on getting through my Miami trip, I totally forgot that yesterday was my original surgery date! I was scheduled to be on a trial team in January but when the case settled in November, I immediately moved up the surgery to January. While the last month has gone by fairly quickly, I am very, very glad that I am not just starting this whole process now.

Yesterday evening, for the first time, I noticed that my heel was a little swollen. Nothing drastic but it was a little more uncomfortable than usual last night in bed. The amount of time I spent on my travels with with my foot down greatly exceeded anything before and I think that is at the root of it. I iced a few times today and things are now looking mostly the same as before. I’m also using silicone strips over my incision at night now. It’s not really for cosmetic reasons but more to stop a raised scar from forming that could cause friction with my shoes. The incision, which was already, pretty flat and clean looking, is healing and fading by the day. If only tendons healed as fast as skin.

After so much moving around the last few days, I elected to stay home the whole day. The thought of going through the necessary machinations to get out of the house and to the pool or work just didn’t feel appealing so I did a living room floor workout and worked from home. It was a pretty quiet day and boredom was creeping in by evening. Husband is arriving back tomorrow and not a moment too soon. Supplies are getting low again and I need him to take out the trash.

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