Three Weeks: A Good Day and a Good Year

I finished off yesterday’s post pondering whether I was going to follow my doctors’s advice to keep my soft cast on for three days or his assistant’s pronouncement that I could take it off this morning. Scissors in hand, I mentioned this dilemma to Husband this morning. Without missing a beat, he responded, “Which one did you say did the Fellowship?” So with that knockout punch, the soft cast is remaining on until tomorrow morning. THEN I will finally go to the pool.

Even with the delay in returning to the water, today was a good day. It was sunny. I wore jeans again. Best of all, I had a wonderful lunch with a great friend who I haven’t seen in way too long.

Sometimes all you really need is a good friend and a sunny day.

When I got home I opened the porch doors so the cat and I could enjoy the beautiful day while I worked and he got down to some serious lounging. Then, as happens in my job, within thirty minutes, I went from not having much work to being super busy for the next few months. Most private practice lawyers will agree that the only thing worse than being totally slammed with work is not being totally slammed with work. A colleague with the same area of focus as me is retiring and I just inherited several of his cases, including one set for trial in April. I’m happy to have the work which will be challenging and interesting. It will also give me an opportunity to catch up and get ahead on billable hours in the next couple of months, setting me up nicely for a summer filled with trips and adventures when I’m back walking and perhaps starting to run again.

As the title of today’s post indicates, it’s now three weeks since I had surgery. It’s also an anniversary of another sort. It was exactly a year ago today that my heel suddenly flared up after an easy run and never got better. I’m glad I couldn’t see into the future back then as February 2018 me would have been utterly distraught to learn that I would barely run the rest of the year and would be laying on the couch in a boot a year later, still months away from running. It’s funny how things turn out though. In my quest to maintain fitness by cross training until things healed enough to run, I found new adventures and made new friends. Last week an also injured friend was commiserating with me. She commented that hopefully the new friends I made and awesome things I did last year had been a tiny silver lining. I surprised myself by saying that I wouldn’t change anything about the last year if I could. That’s pretty crazy considering the state I’m in now and the months of slow recovery I have ahead of me, but it really is the truth. The last year also set me up really well to handle my long and slow recovery. Starting to run is months away. I probably won’t be able to run well for a year, or even longer. Last year however I became someone who swims to lighthouses in the Atlantic and back. And tomorrow I’m getting back in the pool.

That distant lighthouse at the top right of my head….why yes, we did swim there and back.

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