Day 20: Work and Other Firsts

Lots of firsts today. First night sleeping with the boot. First day wearing jeans again. First day getting around on my own. First day back in the office. So, in that order…

The boot, at least for right now, is a little uncomfortable. Part of it is the soft cast underneath. It was too tight over one point in my foot and my toes were starting to get numb and tingly. I managed to get my fingers underneath it and loosen things up a tad so it’s a little better. It’s coming off in the next 12-36 hours anyway, so I’m not too worried. I slept ok with the boot but it is a good deal bigger than my most recent cast, which was actually pretty comfortable, so it feels more cumbersome when I turn over in bed. I’m going to be wearing it for many more weeks, so I’m sure I’ll get more used to it.

Uncomfortable or not, the boot comes off easily which meant that I finally got to wear something other than running shorts or yoga pants. It’s been cold the last couple of weeks so I’ve mostly been wearing the same two pairs of cropped yoga pants and I’m very sick of them. To go to work today, I wore jeans and a non-athleisure wear top which lifted my spirits before I even got out the door. (Our firm went to casual attire at the office last year, so most of us wear jeans to work most days.)

I managed getting down the steps and to the car no problem. The iWalk-knee scooter exchange was not too difficult. My Uber arrived within a few minutes. The driver was very helpful loading and unloading the scooter, and I made it into work uneventfully.

It was fun catching up with a lot of people at work after not really interacting with anyone except Husband for the last three weeks. Work and I have had our ups and downs over the last nearly twelve years but it’s been far more up than down and a lot of that has to do with the people I work with. I probably spent half the time I was in the office today chatting to people, so it wasn’t an especially productive day but it was an enjoyable one. I went out to pick up lunch two blocks away which was easy and uneventful and further fueled my confidence about conquering the next few weeks.

A colleague who lives nearby dropped me home so I did not have to Uber. Almost all the attorneys in my office live in South Tampa, so I can probably get a ride home on most days. So many people have offered to help but I feel better about accepting a ride when I know it’s only adding 5-10 more minutes of driving to someone’s day.

Tomorrow I could swim. My hesitation is this. On Monday, the doctor told me to keep the soft cast on for three days. His assistant who actually put the cast on, told me I could cut it off on Wednesday morning. I like “Wednesday morning” better than “three days” [from Monday], but I also am trying to do exactly what the doctor says which has been working out pretty well so far. Obviously I should have asked for clarification at the time but my instinct when someone offers me a gift horse is not to look it in the mouth. Tomorrow is exactly three weeks since the surgery so it seems like it would be the right day, but it’s also not three days from Monday . . . Maybe I’ll split the difference and cut the soft cast off which is pretty tight and uncomfortable and take a shower tomorrow but not swim until Thursday. Either way, things are still on an upward trajectory.

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