Day 19: I Have a Boot!

I’ve made it to the next level.

For most runners, getting a boot is a dismal event. Sometimes referred to as “the dreaded boot,” it’s emblematic of injuries that you absolutely cannot “run through.” Coming from a hard cast though, it’s a (non weight bearing) step in the right direction and feels like a welcome milestone.

As soon as I arrived at the doctor’s office this morning, I had my cast cut off with a tool that basically is a handheld circular saw but doesn’t cut skin. It was an interesting sensation. My lower leg looks even more sad and wasted away than last week and has a lot of dry dead skin. I am so looking forward to washing and shaving that leg. I have disolvable sutures so the only other thing to come off were the steri-strips over the incision. Apparently my incision looks “great” although that makes me wonder a little what a not great incision looks like, as mine looks a little dramatic to me.

That’s a great looking incision at nearly three weeks post op apparently

I got my much hoped for removable boot but with a small caveat. I have to wear a soft cast underneath for a couple of days first. The soft cast is kind of like a damp, sticky bandage. I get to cut it off myself in a couple of days. At that point, I can then get in the pool and put my right leg in the shower. I will have to keep the boot on at all other times. The doctor informed me that I was at the absolute earliest edge of doing things and that some people are in a cast for eight weeks. The subtext of this I interpreted as, Don’t Overdo Things or Do Anything Else. I actually have no problem with more weeks of non weight bearing if I can swim. Getting in the pool will be so much more than I have been doing. I can do a very good swim workout entirely with the pull buoy and not pushing off.

I go back for my next follow up in exactly two weeks which will be just shy of five weeks post surgery. Until then I’m still completely non weight bearing and just need to stay out of trouble. I do constantly worry that I am going to trip and land on my right foot but there’s not much I can do about it other than continue to be cautious. Nothing is as stable as two good legs and even those don’t protect against all trips and falls.

Since I will not be going to the pool for a few days, tomorrow will instead be another upper body and core strength workout. Then I will go into the office for the first time since the surgery which will also be my first experiment going anywhere on my own. Husband had to leave this afternoon and won’t be back until the end of the week. Before he left we did a practice run for tomorrow. I’m keeping the knee scooter in the back of the car now. It’s very difficult to get it up and down the steps and I’ve been using the iWalk pretty much exclusively in the house for a while now anyway. I’ll switch the iWalk for the scooter when I get to the car (a bit of a cumbersome but not a difficult or unstable maneuver), and then wait for my Uber. When I come back home, I’ll do it all in reverse. The crushed rocks on the driveway are still the most diabolically unstable surface but there is no avoiding the several meters to get to the car. For this short section I am using one of my regular crutches as a sort of walking stick for additional stability which I’ll leave it in the back of the car with the iWalk. Work is perfect for the knee scooter and I also have another set of crutches in my office that a colleague loaned me if for some reason I want to use those.

It’s my first night without Husband tonight. I was anxious about him leaving and it’s definitely quiet here now. With any luck though, by the time he comes back I will be in a solid routine of getting all over town on my own.

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