Day 15: End of a Month

It’s the last day of January today. Or, for my loyal readers in New Zealand a/k/a family members, the first day in February. Even though it’s just another day on the calendar, I like the idea that tomorrow my surgery will be something that happened last month. I need every milestone along the road right now. Yesterday was the two week point. Tomorrow is another month. Monday is my next appointment. Wednesday will be three weeks. You get the picture. It does feel like time is dragging right now, although at the same time, I’m borderline horrified at how quickly life is going by in general. As the saying goes, the days are long but the years are short.

We’ve returned to Jacksonville and today I made it through a dull day at home by myself. Husband actually did come home for lunch so I didn’t spend the whole day alone but things still really dragged. We needed a few groceries and rather than picking them up on his way home, I insisted that he come home and pick me up and we go to the grocery store together. Yes, friends, it’s come to that. I’m now someone who considers a quick trip to get a loaf of bread and some broccoli an “outing.” To be fair though, a trip to Publix is usually a pleasant experience.

For the non-Floridians, Publix is a Florida based chain of grocery stores. It’s as much a Florida institution as ruining elections and providing fodder for the weird and wacky news section. An appreciation for Publix may be the one thing that everyone in this purple swing state can agree on. Publix stores have consistently good customer service, are always clean and well stocked, and have an excellent range of store brand products that are often better than the name brands. And, as I have recently discovered, Publix stores are a top destination when you’re on a knee scooter. Everything that makes for a happy shopping trolley experience also makes for happy knee scootering. The parking lot surfaces are in excellent condition, there are no steps or overly steep ramps at the entrance. Inside, the floors are as smooth as glass and the aisles wide enough to easily to execute a three point turn if you accidentally overshoot the peanut butter section. (Yes, my non American readers, peanut butter is a whole section.)

Anyway, I shamelessly maximized my scootering opportunities by dragging Husband up and down the aisles and doubling back through the produce section in search of additional items. He saw through my ruse but only remarked as we checked out that we seemed to end up buying a lot more when we came together. And that, folks, was the highlight of my very mundane day today.

February, however, has a few things more exciting that a Publix trip in store (no pun intended).

First up, on Monday at 10:00 a.m., I have a follow up appointment where I am hoping to get my cast off and not get a new one. I’m feeling pretty hopeful based on last Tuesday’s visit that I’ll get a boot and be cleared to get in the pool. Warm weather will be back next week too. It would be a serious upgrade in daily life right now if I could swim in the sun

After the appointment on Monday, Husband has to drive back to Jacksonville for the rest of the week and I will be on my own in Tampa. I feel pretty confident about my ability to handle things now. Getting up and down the steps was my last big hurdle and I’ve mastered that.

In a couple of weeks I’ll be going to Miami to take a deposition. I’ll still be non weight bearing at that point but I think I’m going to be able to handle it fine. The only issue that is currently holding me back from fully reentering public life is how long I can spend with my foot not elevated. I definitely would not want to fly to California in a couple of weeks but I think I’ll be able to cope with a (hopefully only) one hour flight by then.

Sometime in the second half of February I will start partial weight bearing. Ironically, it will probably make me slower and less mobile, at least initially, as I’ll have to use crutches. I’ve got very comfortable and efficient on the iWalk and knee scooter whereas I’ve used crutches for less than five minutes. That feels like a long way off right now but it’s exciting to think that in a month’s time I’ll be close to walking again. Roll on, February.

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