Follow Up Appointment

The headline from today’s follow up is that everything is healing really well but I’m in a (new and more fancy) cast for another week. I’m a little disappointed that I can’t swim this week (or wash or shave my lower right leg) but I’m happy to know everything is on track.

My original cast was cut off as soon as I arrived. I got to see what not shaving my legs for two weeks looks like. The “yes” from surgery is still there, albeit a little faded. More dramatic than the unshaven (and still unwashed) leg though was the significant calf atrophy. Below the knee I look like two different people.

That’s a sad looking right leg.

I then had x-rays and the doctor looked at my incision. Apparently, everything has healed well but he gave me a little speech about how some movements could make the incision unbond itself and then there’s danger of infection and we would be looking at a much longer time frame to get back to running. The conversation concluded something like this:

Me: “It sounds like I’m going home with another cast.”

Doctor: “We can talk about swimming next week.”

Anyway, my new cast is smaller and much better fitting than the old one which became very roomy as my swelling went down and my calf atrophied. I also got to pick the color. I’ve never really liked pink, especially not hot pink, so I’m liking this cast much more.

The doctor showed me the new x-rays and photos from the surgery. Fascinating stuff. I got to see what my Achilles looked like before and during the procedure. There was quite a bit of “stuff” that he took out. The piece of bone that was removed looked to be almost 1.5 cm. He also removed the degenerated portion of the tendon where the bone had been rubbing. My heel now looks like a completely different heel on the x-ray and should be irritation free once I’m all healed up.

The next appointment is on Monday, only six days away. Hopefully then I’ll be released into the water. I’ve decided to go back to Jacksonville tomorrow with Husband. I’ll just have to tough out a lonely Thursday and Friday while he is at work. We will come back to Tampa on Sunday. Husband will then go back to Jacksonville on Monday night and I’ll stay on my own next week and start Ubering to work (and the pool!) A number of friends have offered to come and pick me up for lunch. I’ll definitely be making some firm plans in the next week to take up these offers. It’s going to be so much fun to finally see some of my favorite women again.

Oh, and the other headline of the day (which would otherwise warrant its own post) is that today I mastered a safe way to get both up and down the front steps on the iWalk. There is no handrail but I’m able to hold onto the post at the edge of the porch. This is huge as now I can escape the house in Tampa under my own steam.

One thought on “Follow Up Appointment

  1. It’s freaky what your leg looks like after you haven’t used it for a couple of weeks, I remember this from my adult ankle break. Anecdotally, apparently when my cast came off my leg when I broke my leg when I was really young I cried and didn’t recognise my leg anymore.


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