Day 10: Wound Healing

After pushing the limits a little yesterday, today I opted for less knee scootering. To make up for it I did a pretty solid 45 minute core and upper body workout. I’ve been doing these every other day rather than every day. That seems to be the right balance right now for getting a good workout buzz going on but feeling good in the next workout. I also want my body to focus all its healing resources on my heel right now and not get distracted and think it needs to attend to normal strength training soreness elsewhere. I’m not sure if that entirely makes sense physiologically but it feels like I’m comfortably on the right side of the Overdoing Things line.

Today is Day 10 which is a small milestone of sorts. The doctor told me that it would take 10-14 days for the incision to heal (assuming no complications obviously), so technically I’m in the magic range. I know this figure is based off averages but when he said that of course I immediately saw a challenge to meet. It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have researched the hell out of factors affecting wound healing. Like most of the body’s processes, you can’t really do much to speed things up, you can just do things to slow everything down. Some of the factors are out of your control; for example, age. Sorry, over 60s, even if you’re in great health you’re on a slower time frame. The factors that are within your control are the usual suspects, i.e. not smoking, good nutrition that isn’t deficient in any macro or micro nutrients, keeping stress levels down, optimizing sleep, etc. In other words, the basics for good health. I did read a study though that found that even one unit of alcohol interrupts wound healing. It’s well known (at least to me) that drinking after a hard workout delays recovery so it’s not really surprising that drinking is not a good idea. Useful to know though that even a glass of wine with dinner may set you back if you’re truly looking to optimize your chances of your incision healing as absolutely quickly as possible. This is not an issue for me currently as I’m not really up to going out for a nice dinner yet and Husband has only stocked beer that I don’t drink in the fridge with nary an IPA in sight.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. We had a very short trip out to buy more coffee and get a green juice (just in case I’m missing any micro nutrients). Mostly today just felt like another day closer to my Tuesday appointment when I’ll find out whether my efforts to optimize my incision healing have paid off and I will be allowed to get in the pool. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much anticipation for a doctor’s appointment.

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