Day 9: Getting Out Some More

I started a post yesterday but as I wrote it took a melancholy turn.  Things actually were fine most of the day (a good workout in the morning, a knee scooter around the park) but then reading Beto O’Rourke’s road trip posts had me pining to travel somewhere, anywhere. (And also made me a little sad that someone who seems so genuine, insightful, and ready to listen to others is probably not going to run for president and is better than this country deserves anyway.) I was feeling far removed from my New Zealand holiday last month which was filled with trees and mountains and big views, and still many moons away from future adventures requiring the full use of both legs. I peg legged it into to Husband’s computer room and tearfully informed him that I needed to go and sit outside on the back porch.  In retrospect, the pathos of the moment must have been undermined by the peg leg but Husband wisely refrained from any remarks about sad pirates and helped me get outside to listen to the birds for a while.

Anyway, I’ve cheered up since then and had a pretty good day today.  Today was also the first day where I’ve really tested the limits of how much my heel can handle being out and about right now.  We went to the park in the morning for longer and covered more distance than before.  Then in the afternoon, we went to the Cummer Museum for a short visit. Art museums score high on the list of places for a frustration free visit on a knee scooter.  Typically, they are large open spaces with very smooth floors and have strategically placed seating for when you need to rest and elevate your foot.  The Cummer Museum, which I had visited before but Husband had not, checks all these criteria.  I took two breaks to rest and elevate my foot and gaze upon some obscure Flemish works.  By the time we left however the cumulative not-elevated-above-my-heart time had made my heel a little sore.  Not really sore, more like a warning sign that I was getting very close to Overdoing Things.  So, a good day from the perspective of getting out and about but a reminder that my capacity for activity is still pretty limited.

The other news today was of course that the shutdown appears to be over (for the next three weeks).  Although the last 34 days has been a hardship for many people, the timing actually was fortuitous for us.  Husband did not have to take leave as planned for my surgery, and his limited days at work have made this week MUCH easier for me. It’s going to get more complicated the next few weeks though.  I haven’t thought much at all beyond my follow up appointment on Tuesday.  I don’t know when I’ll have to go back after that, only that there will be several more appointments before I can drive again.  While I now feel confident enough to be left on my own and can get all over town with Uber and rides from friends, getting to Lakeland in the middle of a work day may be quite a bit more challenging.  I’m really trying to avoid Husband having to drive back and forth between Tampa and Jacksonville more than he has to (which is a lot for the next month).  I guess we will worry about all that after the appointment next week. One thing is for sure though. Come Monday, Husband is shaving that shutdown beard off.


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