Day 6: A Good Day

Today was a good day. I got up with the puppy, let her out, made several cups of coffee, and ate breakfast all before Husband woke up. I didn’t need him to help me with anything. He has been endlessly patient and helpful but the more our lives can resemble our normal dynamic the better we are going to make it through the next few weeks.

I spent much of the morning doing things in the house using the iWalk, rather than the knee scooter. It’s so much easier for moving around in smaller spaces. For my in depth thoughts on both devices, see this post. Before the surgery, I had been worried that the dog, who weighs nearly as much as me, might knock me over. For now though she seems to find both the scooter and the iWalk a bit alarming and keeps a wide berth.

Since it was MLK day, Husband was home and thus available to escort me to the park down the street. We bought our Jacksonville house several years ago for the proximity to the park. We passed on larger houses with additional bathrooms so we could live two houses away from the park we had been coming to for years. Barely a day will go by when I don’t go to the park, whether with the dog, with Husband, or by myself. I’ll go and walk laps of paved loop when I’m restless. Most of my runs, regardless of the direction, either start or finish there. It’s my Jacksonville version of Ballast Point Pier Park in Tampa. Lacking the water view but virtually on my front door step.

I scootered down there with much more confidence than my last scooter outing. It was cold but a beautiful sunny day. After one lap, I was having such a good time I wanted to keep going around and around, but Husband, ever the voice of reason, suggested I stick with one lap for today and build from there, especially since we were going out again later.

Feeling no additional discomfort in the heel after that trip, this evening we headed out to our favorite local pizza joint. It’s one of my favorite places for its excellent pizzas and rustic-industrial interior. This evening I discovered an additional positive feature: it’s supremely navigable on a knee scooter. The floors are smooth concrete, the tables widely spaced, and the restrooms spacious enough for easy maneuvering. All things that matter right now for a relaxing dinner out.

Funnily enough, after posting yesterday about my lack of social contact, just before we were about to leave I ran into one of the few people I know here, who also happens to be from New Zealand and started the running club here. It reminded me, but in a good and not sad way, how much I liked the running scene up here. I know it’s a long way off but I do have positive expectations that I’ll be able to make my way back to running like that again. While today no doubt sounds terribly mundane, it was a massive gain in mobility and activities compared to just two days ago. That’s definitely something to feel good about in the meantime.

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