Day 5: Looking Ahead

The end of the Day 3-5 post-op period with its protocol of near constant resting, icing, and elevating is in sight. There were no instructions for Day 6 and beyond other than “DO NOT put weight on your operative leg.” I didn’t take any painkillers today. While I can feel a little ache in my heel, particularly when the cast presses against it in certain positions, there’s nothing I would describe as pain. I don’t whether this is par for the course or not, but I’m not complaining.

Today brought a change of scenery as we headed up to our Jacksonville house for the next week so that Husband, who is deemed essential to the Federal government during the shutdown, can do essential things without pay.

Getting everything packed up for the week was interesting. Two left shoes. Multiple pillows. Three different types of mobility devices. No jeans. No swimsuits. Everything takes much more effort when you’re down a working leg, and I had to lay down and rest after packing. The car also needed to be loaded in different stages of me, the dog, and all my extra accoutrement.

I’m a little worried about the coming week. Husband will be at work most days and I don’t have any real friends here. A few friendly acquaintances, but almost all people I know through running and have not seen in a long while. While I consider myself an introvert and require a certain amount of alone time, I still need frequent interaction with others, even if it’s just casual pleasantries. Given how much I work remotely, you would think I would have gotten used to long days at home alone but I still haven’t. Two days working from home turns me into someone who finds excuses to initiate conversations with others in coffee shops and makes shop assistants regret asking how my day is going. I considered the idea of staying in Tampa so I could go into work and see friends but I need a few more days to figure out the day to day things with Husband on hand to assist before going it alone.

So I think this week is going to require some planning to avoid getting into a spiral of gloom and loneliness. I’ll have to stay within the bounds of how much activity my heel can handle but I have a few ideas up my sleeve.

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