Day 3: Bored and Uncomfortable

It’s hard to believe that surgery was only 48 hours ago this morning because I feel like this cast has been on for at least a week already. I actually slept really well last night and my heel is no more sore than yesterday. Hopefully it is a sign of healing that I am feeling completely like my normal self other than the sense that I have concrete block on my lower right leg.

Unfortunately, feeling like my normal self also means I’m getting very restless and have some serious cabin fever today. I could actually do a lot if I could scooter and crutch around as much as I wanted but I am trying super hard to maximize my incision healing. That means laying down keeping my foot elevated most of the time. I know I need to stick with this protocol for at least three full days but it is making my world feel very small. I was enormously envious of Husband and the dog going to the park for the second day in a row. Right now, even a trip to the supermarket would be entertaining.

To compound matters, the neighbors had people and dogs over this afternoon which unsettled our dog no end. She barked and whined incessantly for most of the afternoon. It’s annoying at the best of times but today was really driving me nuts. By late afternoon, my spirits were getting fairly low.

There are all kinds of movies and shows I could be watching but passive entertainment only does so much for me. I have plenty to read and work I actually need to do. I’m more physically bored at this point. I need to be engaged in some kind of action. Even cleaning seems like it would be somewhat enjoyable right now.

The highlight of today, if you can call it that, was that I managed a very short workout of sorts. Taking care to keep my foot elevated above my heart, I did four rounds of knee pushups, crunches, modified bridges, and supermans. It took all of about eight minutes and didn’t do much for my mental state but I’ll take it over nothing at all.

Tomorrow I’m getting out of the house. I’m devising a short excursion to one of my favorite places. Whether accurate or not, I’m telling myself that my diligence thus far in resting and keeping my foot elevated warrants a short car trip and brief stint outside on the knee scooter. Stayed tuned for what I hope will be a more cheerful report.

Addendum: After posting this, I tackled showering again. Much better strategy today with no assistance needed from Husband. Feel like I have totally leveled up my temporarily disabled game. I’m calling today a net win.

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